Pallette, the first open-source tongue-computer interface.

It is fully open source in hardware and software, with a guide for creating and using it.

Hidden from view, Pallette enables the mobility impaired to control technology using the tongue. Pallette uses infrared sensors to track tongue motion and a microphone to detect tongue taps.

It currently enables individuals to control computers, Android tablets, and Android phones as a Bluetooth mouse.

We also created an Android app which enables control of Sphero, using the phone as a hub.

With community support, we hope Pallette will enable private interaction with the world as a means for empowering the mobility impaired.

And for the adventurous,

telekinesis with the tongue.

Control, right from
the tip of your tongue.

Nestled behind your front teeth are three infrared sensors that triangulate your tongue’s position.

Tap with your tongue,
fingers are overrated.

An internal microphone detects the sound and allows you to click on things.

now possible.

Connect via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, computer, or other devices and interact in complete privacy, hands-free.