Let's make Pallette!

This guide will enable you to create the Pallette Tongue Controller using our design files. We explain each step, so that developing Pallette is straightforward. You can also download and print out the PDF version here.

It is recommended that you read through all the steps before attempting to build Pallette. Certain steps require experience with fabrication tools, incorrect implementation could lead to injury. For assistance or clarification on any step, please contact us at

Pallette has three parts:

  1. An embedded sensor ribbon

  2. A water-tight enclosure

  3. Firmware and software

The Sensor Ribbon reads and understands your tongue movements using infrared and software, and the device fits in your mouth via a mouthguard and enclosure.

With this guide, you will mold the physical form to your mouth, embed and seal the sensor circuit within the form, and program the device to complete the Pallette device. Each section begins with a list of materials you need, and outlines the steps required to complete assembly.

Approximate Cost: $200+

Time Required: 1-3 weeks

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