Dan Levine

Dan channels his imagination, hoping to affect as much originality and good as he can. He hopes to inspire and empower people of all abilities with Pallette.

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Joanna Zhang

Self-cultivated in the Tortoise Mountain in China and Mount Eden in New Zealand, Joanna has found Zen in tongue control. She hopes Pallette will help the people in need and benefit the wider community as well.

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Oliver Hoffman

Oliver is a spaniard who uses his tongue to taste as many cheeseburgers as possible in NYC. He enjoys surrounding himself with people from different backgrounds and learning from their ideas.

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Rohit Jain

Rohit is from India and wants to build something thats meaningful and helpful.

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Shawn Bramson

Shawn holds a Master’s in Connective Media and Bachelor's in Software Engineer which he puts to good use practicing Tikkun Olam. To this day, he makes his orthodontist proud by wearing his retainers every night.

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